Bibliothèque Des Curieux was a French publishing house created by the Briffaut brothers. Specializing in “curiosa” (an oft-used French euphemism for erotica) , they had several collections including “Les Maîtres de l’Amour” (Masters of Love) and “Le Coffret du Bibliophile” (The Case of Bibliophile). These are mostly old classic erotica in a redacted version, with notes or introductions Guillaume Apollinaire, Jean Hervez or Bagneux Villeneuve (aka Raoul Vèze), Jean Cabanel (alias Jean Texcier), Fernand Fleuret, and Louis Perceau. They also published studies of eroticism through the ages and “chronic libertines”. Their publishing house was called “L’Édition” and was located at 4, rue de Furstemberg, dans le 6e arrondissement, Paris.

As clandestine publishers, they were most active between 1909 and 1914. On April 29, 1925, Robert Briffaut was sentenced to two years imprisonment for gross indecency for his publishing house, L’Édition.

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