Falstaff Press was a “private” United States publisher of risqué books and anthropologica. Their first publication was Musk, Hashish and Blood c. 1930 (although the title page says 1900). The publishing house was run by Ben and Anne Rebhuhn.The Anthropological Press was one of their imprints. Their books blurred where the scholarly ended and the prurient began. On November 26, 1935, an indictment was filed naming Ben Rebhuhn, Anne Rebhuhn and Ben Raeburn as defendants, a violation of 18 USC § 334, 18 USCA § 334, in that they sent obscene matter through the mail. Louis Shomer was called as a government witness at the May 1939 trial where the three were convicted.

  • A Complete Encyclopaedia of the Sexual Sciences, Dr. Iwan Bloch, trans Dr. M. Eden Paul (Falstaff Press, New York, 1937) 8.75" X 5.75", xxx+790pp, hardbound, no DJ, decorative red cloth with gilt lettering and decorations. The 30 pages of the preface printed in black with red decorations (mostly praise of the book and the author by various people including Dr. Bloch). Good condition, corners bumped, some fading/spotting on cover and spine, binding very good. "The author's aim in writing this book was to write a complete Encyclopaedia on the sexual sciences, and it will probably be acknowledged by all who study its pages that the author has accomplished his intention in a very scholarly manner, and in such form as to be of great value to the professions for whom this translation is intended. The subject is no doubt one which appeals to and affects the interests of all adult persons, but the publishers have, after very serious and careful consideration, come to the conclusion that the sale of the English translation of the book shall be limited to members of the legal and medical professions." -from Publisher's Note
  • Portfolio of Anatomical Manikins: Picture Story of Body, Keller, David H., M.D. (Falstaff Press, New York, 1937) 14" X 5.75", 27pp. Pamphlet without issued DJ. Good condition for age. Originally folded to fit into dust jacket, crease present, few stains, tears and wear. Limited edition of 5000 "This book is intended for circulation only among mature persons, 21 years of age or over" Anatomical illustrations of the human body, focusing on the reproductive system and organs.
  • Musk Hashish and Blood, Hector France, with 22 etching by Paul Avril (Falstaff Press Inc., New York [c. 1930, stated "London and Paris, Printed for Subscribers Only, 1900" but is most likely a facscimile reprint of that 1900 edition by Carrington/Nichols)) 8 1/8" X 5 3/4", 447pp, hardbound no DJ, deckle edges top edge smooth and dyed blue, very good condition, some light soiling to boards In the introduction, the author states, "The Tales here brought together in one Volume are in no sense a work of fancy pure and simple; imagination has played quite a secondary part in their evolution. They are rather what in French we call 'pages vecues' (real-life stories) and indeed for ten long years the Author actually lived tem when wrapped in the scarlet 'burnouse' of a Spahi, he shared in many a wild foray and desert bivouac on the Algerian frontiers." He goes on to say, "A few of the following pages I admit, may possibly shock some prudish souls always ready to be shocked; and I hereby declare at once that my book is not written for the perusal in young ladies' seminaries." Édouard-Henri Avril (1849-1928) used the pseudonym "Paul Avril" for his erotic work. He was a French painter and commercial artist. His career saw collaboration with influential people like Octave Uzanne, Henry Spencer Ashbee and Friedrich Karl Forberg. He is one of the most celebrated erotic artists of his age. Avril was a soldier before starting his career in art. He was awarded with the Legion of Honour for his actions in the Franco-Prussian War.
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